My List of Newborn Essentials (and some nice-to-haves)

It wasn’t until the 20-week scan that we started to think about buying things for our baby. The truth is, I began thinking about it way sooner, but my husband and I had decided to wait until this milestone to start planning and preparing.

Like many parents, the main challenge we faced was figuring out where to begin.

Information overload.

We walked into Mothercare, had a cognitive overload and walked straight back out again.

So much stuff. Where to begin?

I then did what no-one should ever do. I googled it.

It’s confirmed then. I have to amputate my leg and sell a kidney. It’s the only way to afford it all.

“Just buy it all. Screw your credit limit.”

No, don’t. I wanted to purchase anything and everything in the panic brought on by my strong nesting instinct.

I’m also a spreadsheet geek. So I used that energy to create a list that helped me manage costs, products and ideas. And it’s just been lying around here gathering dust, so I thought why not share it with others, so that they can use it, too.

Download this spreadsheet to help you plan.

Here’s the link.

So this spreadsheet has

  • Items you need
  • Costs (estimated and actual)
  • The price difference (this was a ‘look how much I’ve saved’ brag to hubby. No other purpose here)

If you just want to grab a list of things you can get – it’s also handy for that.

This is my life’s work. Okay, that’s going too far – but this is something that I needed during my pregnancy – but it wasn’t around, so I created one. I’m hoping it’ll save someone the endless google searching.

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